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We set out early in the morning for Rio Chubut Valley. The first stop is Trelew, where you can opt to visit the Egidio Feruglio Paleontology Museum, The MEF stands among the most important in Latin America and offers a journey through the geological eras, from the first human being on Earth back to the Bing Bang. Around 30 dinosaurs and 2000 fossils are on display.

The tour continues to Gaiman, a small town situated 15km west of Trelew on the Chubut River northern bank. This charming town exhibits traces of the Welsh settlement in the area. The characteristic architecture, the Welsh tea experience (optional) with an amazing assortment of cakes, and the beauty of the valley. Before we return to Puerto Madryn, we take a drive through the valley area where several farms dedicate to rural tourism and produce different local products.

Main Attractions: Paleontology museum MEF, Welsh heritage, Rural area
Estimated duration: 7 – 8 hrs
Journey: 130 miles
Season: All year round

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