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Cerro Avanzado Adventure

Our vehicles will pick you up from your hotel and leave for Cerro Avanzado. The tour will take us all along the stunning coastline of the gulf. Our first stop will be the Sea Lion Colony at Punta Loma, only stop with toilets. From Punta Loma we drive into the Estancia San Guillermo, so we can reach the top of the Cerro Avanzado by means of a short hike with low difficulty.

You can opt to walk to the ZonoRanch – 1,2 miles-, or else we will take you there with our vehicle.  During the tour you will be offered a traditional afternoon snack with beverages.

Main Attraction: Southern sea lions, Cliffs & coasts, Picnic with beverages
Estimated Duration: 4 hours
Journey: 30 miles
Season: November – March

Not included:

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